2018 Ruminant Research Travel Award

An exciting opportunity exists for a current postgraduate student to receive a generous travel award bursary to present their research to the wider world.

The Rangeland Biology and Ecology Seminars (of Alice Springs scientific community) have facilitated communication between environmental researchers, technicians, managers, students and the interested public in Alice Springs since 1974. The seminars provide an opportunity for the diverse Government, Institutional, Council, Company and private technical community and interested public to discuss current research and projects, impacts on or opportunities in arid Australia.

Presenters at these meetings provide information on research and management of biological, landscape, cultural and physical aspects of central Australia or pertinent topics from around the World. The seminars also provide a training arena to practice talks for conferences or to float ideas or to help develop a project. Overall, these seminars provide unique gatherings for scientific minds and incisive discussions, as well as opportunities to meet new people and new ideas.

A member of the Rangeland Biology and Ecology Seminar Group (NT) has generously donated funds to support a postgraduate student:

  • to attend and present their research at a conference of their choice ($2,000); and
  • to attend and present their research at a ‘Rangelands Seminar’ in Alice Springs, NT ($2,000)

(attendance either before or within 12 months of their chosen conference).

Funding body2018 Ruminant Research Travel Award

To be eligible for the travel award bursary, students should be:

  • currently enrolled in a Doctorate or Masters Degree at Murdoch University;
  • have completed their Confirmation of Candidature;
  • be making satisfactory progress.
Apply by15 June 2018
To apply

Students should include the following documents in their submitted application:

  1. A curriculum vitae (max. 2 pages).
  2. A supporting document to show successful completion of their Confirmation of Candidature.
  3. A supporting document (max. 1 page) to explain the nature of their research project and its suitability for a presentation that meets the criteria of the travel award.

Your supporting document should address the following criteria, to the best of your ability, in order of importance:

  1. Essential criteria for proposed conference presentation (Poster or Oral presentation):
    • Aspects of grazing ruminant livestock or meat production
    • Promotion or development of ‘best practice’ in livestock nutrition, health or welfare
  2. Desirable criteria of the presented work (highlight any of the below points relevant to your research):
    • Efficient or sustainable use of (water, plant, land, energy) resources
    • Minimisation or optimisation of agricultural or veterinary chemical use
    • Effective use of abattoir or consumer feedback
    • Industry extension or industry adoption

All applications are ranked against each other by the selection panel in a careful assessment of the submitted documents.


Please direct all questions about this scholarship and applications to Dr Fiona Anderson