Study abroad & exchange

Why not apply to study at Murdoch University in Perth as part of our Study Abroad & Exchange program? This exciting opportunity will allow you to work towards completing your degree whilst enjoying new experiences and seeing the natural beauty of Western Australia.

When you’re exploring your options, it’s important to know whether you’re recognised as an Exchange student or a Study Abroad student:

  • If you’re studying at one of our official partner universities, and you’ve been nominated for a placement at Murdoch University, you’re known as an Exchange student.
  • If you’ve applied to study at Murdoch directly, even if you’re from one of or partner universities, you’re known as a Study Abroad student.

Decide what to study

You can choose from hundreds of subjects we offer at Murdoch. The subjects are called ‘units’ and with so many to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your area of interest.

Find out about deciding what to study

Find out how to apply

It’s easy to apply to study abroad at Murdoch – you may even be able to apply online. We have a dedicated team who will help you and manage your application every step of the way.

Find out about how to apply as a Study Abroad student

Learn about fees & scholarships       

Your fees will depend upon whether you’re a Study Abroad or an Exchange student, how many units you study and whether you stay for one semester or two. Scholarships and financial aid may be available, depending on your country of origin and eligibility.

Find out about fees & scholarships

Enjoy life on campus

Life as a student isn’t just about getting to class on time and studying for exams. Getting involved on campus is the best way to meet new people, connect with other students outside the classroom and make the most of your time at Murdoch.

Find out about life on campus

Experience life in Perth, Australia

In the city of Perth, you can enjoy a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities at any time of year. Whether you love the beach, want to explore some natural landscapes, discover unique Australian wildlife, or explore local cuisine or fashion, you’ll find there’s something for everyone in Perth.

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You’re always part of our Murdoch community

The end of your studies doesn’t have to be the end of your relationship with Murdoch. Find out what happens when you finish here and how to keep in touch with us as you complete your degree and launch your new career.

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