Public Lecture Series

You're invited to hear from Murdoch’s world-class researchers at our series of free public lectures that will explore the theme of ‘human contact’. 

What is the impact of human contact on the world around us? Experts in law, philosophy, ecology, political science and psychology will discuss the impact of our interaction with one another and the world around us.

The lectures are held at the Kim Beazley Lecture Theatre at Murdoch’s Perth campus. It’s free to attend, but please register to secure your place.

Human fingerprint analysis: have popular crime shows misled you?

Monday 23 October 2017, 6-7pm

When fingerprints are found at a crime scene, how are they analysed? Thanks to popular TV crime shows you might assume that this job sits with a computer, but this is often not the case. Cognitive scientist Dr Matthew Thompson will discuss his research into the previously unexplored world of fingerprint expertise.

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How is the world borrowing from Australia to combat political polarisation?

Monday 30 October 2017, 6-7pm

When Australia became a nation, we borrowed ideas from other countries such as the United States. Today, the roles are reversing. Leading political scientist Professor Benjamin Reilly will discuss this trend and its wider implications for Australia and the rest of the world.

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Go with the flow: how does the Leeuwin Current influence life in WA?

Monday 6 November 2017, 6-7pm

What do WA shipwrecks, climate and fish have in common? They are all influenced by the Leeuwin Current. Join Professor Lynnath Beckley as she explores how this unusual current influences life in WA as it flows from north to south along our coast.

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Should dual citizens be eligible to serve in Parliament?

Monday 13 November 2017, 6-7pm

Join our panel of experts Dr Jürgen Bröhmer and Lorraine Finlay as they discuss the dual citizenship scandal that has rocked parliament in recent months. Find out how the situation has come to this, why it’s been referred to the High Court, and explore how dual citizenship is handled on a global level.

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How can you encourage life-long reading in future generations?

Tuesday 21 November 2017, 6-7pm

It’s common practice for parents to read aloud to their children in the early years. But why does this often stop once children can read by themselves? Leading literacy expert Dr Margaret Merga will discuss the benefits of parents and teachers reading aloud to kids beyond early childhood.

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Refugees and asylum seekers: what are the barriers to higher education?

Monday 27 November 2017, 6-7pm

Refugees and asylum seekers face a number of social, legal and economic barriers when accessing higher education in Australia. Meet our panel of experts, Mary Anne Kenny and Caroline Fleay, and join in this discussion.

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